Welcome to Design Center

The Design Center is one of the most exciting features of the netAdventist 3.0 website system. It provides an online platform from which to build a unique netAdventist 3.0 theme package. The Design Center can easily be used by website owners or designers to create new themes for netAdventist websites. There are four simple steps to the Design Center process:

Choose or Create a Template:

Start by choosing from an online catalog of fully-functioning design templates already developed by the netAdventist design team. Each template has been tested to make sure it fits seamlessly into the netAdventist website framework. Beginning with an existing design model takes the guess work out of theme design. If you don’t see a template you’d like to start with, simply create one of your own from scratch!

Create a Unique Design:

Make the existing design template your own. Insert graphic image files, alter titles and headings, and implement other design changes that result in a brand new, personalized theme design. Best of all, you can either download the template and make the changes on your own computer, or do the modifications online — whichever works best for you!

Preview the Design:

When you’ve uploaded or saved the modifications as a new theme, you can preview the new theme online in the Design Center to verify that all the new design elements work smoothly within the netAdventist website framework. You can even preview the new theme in a language-specific netAdventist site to verify language-specific theme content.

Implement the New Theme:

When you’re satisfied with the final product, simply create a .zip file of the new theme. That file can be provided to the website owner or uploaded directly into an existing website’s theme directory and implemented through the website Themes function.

Best of all, the Design Center is a flexible, personalized web design workshop! Each designer’s themes can be saved in a personal online work space to be created, re-used as templates, redesigned, and shared with other designers.

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